Anal HR-HPV prevalence assessed with the cobas® HPV Test in an HIV-infected population of men who have sex with men.

The mean age was 37 years. Cytological results: 40% – NILM, 17.9% – ASCUS, 24.2% – LSIL, 4.2% – HSIL and 1.1% – AGC. The overall prevalence of HR-HPV was of 80.8%. In 76.9% of the cases, infection occurred with multiple HR-HPV genotypes. The “other” HR-HPV pattern was the most prevalent HR-HPV genotype.

IMD 0354

B1587-S Evaluation Sample
EUR 81
Description: IC50: IMD-0354 showed anti-tumor effect on seven hematologic malignancy cells with IC50 ranged from 0.1M to 0.6 M. IMD-0354, serving as an IKK? inhibitor, inhibits I?B? phosphorylation in NF-?B pathway.

Lasalocid A Sodium

EUR 414


C4119-5 5 mg
EUR 118
Description: 2',3',5'-triacetyl-5-Azacytidine (TAC) is the lead prodrug form of 5-azacytidine which may be rapidly absorbed after oral administration [1]. 5-Azacytidine is an inhibitor of DNA methyltransferase [2].


EUR 153

Histatin 5

5-01307 4 x 1mg Ask for price


A3125-5 5 mg
EUR 168
Description: 5-Iodotubercidin (Itu) is a purine derivative and hence an inhibitor of adenosine kinase with an IC50 value of 26 nM [1]. Adenosine kinase is important in regulating the intracellular and extracellular concentrations of adenosine and hence diverse physiological actions of adenosine [2].


B8212-5 5 mg
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Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 5 (TRAP-5)

A1036-5 5 mg
EUR 102
Description: Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 5 (TRAP-5),(C30H50N8O7), a peptide with the sequence NH2-Ser-Phe-Leu-Leu-Arg-COOH, MW= 634.76. coagulation factor II (thrombin) receptor is a G protein-coupled receptor involved in the regulation of thrombotic response.


5-00062 4 x 5mg Ask for price


5-00524 4 x 5mg Ask for price


5-00605 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Angiotensin (1-5)

5-00676 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Bradykinin (1-5)

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TRAP-5 amide

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5-fluoro 203

C4114-5 5 mg
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Description: 5-fluoro 203 (5F-203) is an antitumor agent and cytotoxic compound that acts as a potent AhR agonist [1][2][3]. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) is a ligand-activated transcription factor involved in regulating xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes such as cytochrome P450.

W-5 hydrochloride

B6277-5 5 mg
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5-Nonyloxytryptamine oxalate

B6496-5 5 mg
EUR 154

Teicoplanin A2-5

C4938-5 5 mg
EUR 1157
Description: Teicoplanin A2-5, derived from Actinoplanes teichomyceticus, is a glycopeptide antibiotic which produces a broad spectrum of antibiotic activity against gram-positive bacteria.

5'-deoxy Thymidine

C4692-5 5 mg
EUR 180
Description: 5'-Deoxy Thymidine has been used as a research tool for antiviral and anticancer studies. 5'-Deoxy Thymidine can be used to study the entry mechanism into human erythrocytes in comparison with other deoxythymidines.


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5-Formylcytosine (5-fC) ELISA Kit

MET-5102-5 5 x 96 assays
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5-Carboxylcytosine (5-caC) ELISA Kit

MET-5103-5 5 x 96 assays
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Dok- 5 (263 - 275)

5-01048 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Secretin (5 - 27), porcine

5-01917 4 x 1mg Ask for price

SH2 Domain Ligand (5)

5-01929 4 x 5mg Ask for price


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5-trans U-46619

C4261-5 5 mg
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Description: 5-trans U-46619 is a minor impurity (2-5%) which variably exists in most commercial preparations of U-46619 [1]. U-46619 is a selective thromboxane A2 agonist involved in inducing platelet aggregation and vascular smooth muscle contraction [2].

2',5'-dideoxy Adenosine

C3993-5 5 mg
EUR 189
Description: 2',5'-dideoxy Adenosine, a nucleoside analog, is one of the first identified cell-permeable, P-site inhibitors of adenylate cyclase [1]. Adenylyl cyclase is an enzyme with key regulatory roles in almost all cells.

FAM azide, 5- isomer

A8117-5 5 mg
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Description: FAM azide for Click chemistry labeling. FAM remains one of the most popular fluorescent lablels for various application. Most instruments capable of fluorescence detection, ranging from plate readers to fluorescence microscopes, are able to work in FAM channel.

ROX azide, 5- isomer

A8126-5 5 mg
EUR 583
Description: ROX (rhodamine-X) azide, solid material, and 10 mM solution in DMSO, labeling reagent for Click Chemistry. ROX is a red-emitting rhodamine dye possessing high brightness and fluorescence quantum yield.Pure 5-isomer.

TAMRA azide, 5- isomer

A8129-5 5 mg
EUR 583
Description: TAMRA (TMR, tetramethylrhodamine) azide, solid compound, and 10 mM solution in DMSO, labeling reagent for Click Chemistry. Pure 5-isomer.TAMRA is often used as FRET acceptor for FAM fluorophore.


C4645-5 5 mg
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Individual Reaction Mix 5

G065-5 200 reactions
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AICA riboside, 5'-phosphate

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Necrosis Inhibitor, Necrox-5

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Magnetic Beads (DNA) 5 mL

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[Pyr5]-Substance P (5-11)

5-00288 4 x 5mg Ask for price

[Trp3, Arg5]-Ghrelin (1-5)

5-00313 4 x 5mg Ask for price

beta-Casomorphin (1-5) (bovine)

5-00475 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Angiotensin I/II (5-8)

5-00684 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Cholecystokinin Octapeptide (1-5) (desulfated)

5-00970 4 x 5mg Ask for price

HIV-gp41-Antigenic Peptide 5

5-01331 4 x 1mg Ask for price


5-06939 5g Ask for price


5-06940 25g Ask for price

5?-dihydro-11-keto Testosterone

C4317-5 5 mg
EUR 586
Description: 5?-dihydro-11-keto Testosterone (11KDHT) is a full androgen receptor agonist comparable to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) [1][2][3].

Helioxanthin derivative 5-4-2

B4700-5 5 mg
EUR 683
Description: Helioxanthin derivative 5-4-2, an analogue of helioxanthin (ACH126447), is a small-molecule inhibitor of HBV, HSV-1and HSV-2 virus with EC50 values of 0.08 ?M, 0.29 ?M and 0.16 ?M, respectively [1].

Angiotensin 1/2 (1-5)

A1047-5 5 mg
EUR 119
Description: Angiotensin I/II (1-5) is a peptide (ASP-ARG-VAL-TYR-ILE) that contains the amino acids 1-5 and is converted from Angiotensin I/II.Angiotensin I is formed by the action ofreninonangiotensinogen, an ?-2-globulin with 12 amino acids.

Angiotensin 1/2 (5-7)

A1049-5 5 mg
EUR 119
Description: Angiotensin 1/2 (5-7), (C17H27N5O4), a peptide with the sequence H2N-Ile-His-Pro-OH, MW=365.43. Angiotensin is a peptide hormone that causes vasoconstriction and a subsequent increase in blood pressure.


C5014-5 5 mg
EUR 134
Description: 3,3',5'-triiodo-L-thyronine (reverse T3 or rT3) and 3,5,3'-triiodo-L-thyronine (T3) are the metabolism of thyroxine (T4) [1]. 3,3',5'-Triiodo-L-thyronine is thyroid hormone receptors TR? and TR? antagonist [1].


B7993-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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B8035-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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pLenti-CLDN1 shRNA-5 Plasmid

PVTBAV04867-5 2 ug
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2-Methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine hydrochloride

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beta-Casomorphin (1-5) amide (bovine)

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cAMP Dependent PK Inhibitor (5-24)

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Kinase Domain of Insulin Receptor (5)

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Fmoc-2-amino-5-Methoxybenzoic acid

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Fmoc-2-amino-5-Methoxybenzoic acid

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7078D-5 25/pk
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Description: Disposable Pipets; Disposable Pipets, Serological, Misc

5-(N,N-dimethyl)-Amiloride (hydrochloride)

C3505-5 5 mg
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Description: 5-(N, N-dimethyl)-Amiloride (hydrochloride), a derivative of amiloride, is an inhibitor of NHE1, NHE2, and NHE3. The Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE) is a protein that has been involved in intracellular pH homeostasis of many mammalian cell types.

Beta-Sheet Breaker Peptide iA?5

A1005-5 5 mg
EUR 102
Description: Beta-Sheet Breaker Peptide iA?5 (C33H43N5O8), with the sequence H-Leu-Pro-Phe-Phe-Asp-OH, has been shown to inhibit amyloidogenesis in rat brain models.


B7959-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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B7961-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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B7962-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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B7963-.5 5x100 µl (100 mM)
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3-bromo-5-phenyl Salicylic Acid

C4516-5 5 mg
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Description: Ki: 140 nM for AKR1C1; 1.97 ?M for AKR1C2; 21 ?M for AKR1C3 3-bromo-5-phenyl Salicylic acid is an AKR1C1 inhibitor.

5-bromo-3-phenyl Salicylic Acid

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Nickel NTA Magnetic Agarose Bead (5%)

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CytoSelect Clonogenic Tumor Cell Isolation Kit (5 x 5 preps)

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Description: Many solid tumors contain heterogeneous populations of normal and cancerous cells. Separation of these cell populations is key to an accurate assessment of the true genotypic and phenotypic differences between normal and tumor cells. Our CytoSelect Clonogenic Tumor Cell Isolation Kit uses a proprietary semisolid agar medium to facilitate formation of colonies by cells from solid tumors. Colonies are grown in either a 6-well plate or a 35mm culture dish. These colonies are isolated away from single (i.e. normal) cells by size filtration. The viable cells from these colonies can be easily recovered for further analysis.

5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) ELISA Kit

DLR-5-HT-Ge-48T 48T
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Description: A competitive inhibition quantitative ELISA assay kit for detection of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in samples from serum, plasma or other biological fluids.

5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) ELISA Kit

DLR-5-HT-Ge-96T 96T
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Description: A competitive inhibition quantitative ELISA assay kit for detection of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in samples from serum, plasma or other biological fluids.

DiagNano Fluorophore Labeled Gold Nanoparticles, 5 nm

GFL-5 1 mL
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5-min. Genomic DNA Prep for PCR

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[D-Ala2]- beta-Casomorphin (1-5), bovine

5-00075 4 x 5mg Ask for price

[D-Pro2]-beta-Casomorphin (1-5) , bovine

5-00133 4 x 5mg Ask for price

Considering age, HPV-16 prevalence was 50.0% and 28.6% in patients under and over 30 years, respectively. A histological specimen was obtained from 17 patients and 82.4% of them had AIN.1 – HIV-infected MSM is a highly HR-HPV genotype infected population; 2 – The multiple infection pattern was the most prevalent; 3 – “Other”, an HPV subtype was the most prevalent pattern; 4 – The prevalence of HPV infection and multiplicity of infection was directly related to the severity of the cytological abnormalities and age; 5 – HPV-16 prevalence was more prevalent in patients under 30 years.